It was the weirdest, scariest feeling I’ve ever had, it was like time was stuck and nothing was moving. We just stared at each other. Like we . . . I dunno, it sounds stupid

Say it

It felt like I could see inside his head, and he knew it.

This is ridiculous. I mean, it’s amazing, after everything but I’m just kinda mind blown. How could it feel like . . . that?

All I could see was him staring at me, but at the same time I could see this whole mess of things swirling about, you know, like a collider scope.

LOL! You mean a kaleidoscope? Thought I was bad at spelling!

Haha, fair enough. But do you wanna hear or not?


I saw these images swirling like they were in my own head but I could tell they weren’t. And they were obviously things he’d seen, like himself in the mirror. I could even see me standing there as he saw me right then.


And he wasn’t saying anything but I could hear him wanting to know who I was and how I could read his mind without a Plug. He was intense, like I had something he’d wanted all his life. And there was something else, too, that’s been bugging me more and more since . . . I mean we don’t, can’t, know each other, but there was some kind of unspoken recognition. I saw it, so clearly. I

don’t know how to explain it, not properly. He terrified me, of course, but it was like he was just, I dunno, so familiar for some reason. I mean beyond the obvious reason that he’s insanely famous. Does that sound stupid?

Completely insane TBH. Soz.

To be honest, I didn’t have any time to think about any of it. Next it was just this nightmare of guns and explosions, and I guess it’s only luck that I didn’t end up dead.

Dead on the floor of the Houses of Parliament!

What USED to be Parliament before Gnosys took over. At least it’s still standing, I suppose. I can’t get it out of my head


all the devastation we saw when we flew away along the Thames. It actually felt worse than the fact that we were being chased and shot at. Looked like half of south London was under water. Ruined buildings sticking up out of a big black swamp. And the river looked terrifying. Just foaming churning angry water. Like it would only take another spring flood

for it to swallow up the rest.

You there?

ye, ye. I’m here. Jus hard to reli imagine things will ever get so bad, TBH, when you talk about London. Predictions about the future don’t bring it home like actually hearing from the future. I’m reli sorry. I mean, it’s my generation – I guess we could have done more.

Anyway, I got away. Good luck and good friends.

Ha! That bunch of juvenile delinquents!

They’re great. And they said they’d be there for me if I ever needed them again. It’s completely crazy, you know, that they turned up like they did. Would’ve been toast without them. As soon as they vanished into the Wall I felt like falling over, TBH, it was all so heavy.

Not surprised . . . You saw all that destruction AND you nearly got killed! In one night you met Rosie and Hamilton and had the Teeth chasing you. AND GOT AWAY WITH IT . . .

Wait? Actually, did you get away with it?

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